A glance on challenges and conclusions

In this section, we briefly review and make conclusions on the artist’s  theoretical approach with ideas processing from the perspective of contemporary artistic languages.

 Answering the questions and challenges around the concepts such as the artist’s inspiration elements and its manifestations in developing the idea of artwork, interaction between the   applied style and the dominant view on processing of ideas, the message and relationship strategy with the audience, etc. are all issues worthy of consideration.

 Generally, an artist who uses symbolic themes as the essence of his artwork and tries to create a ritual and mystical artwork with neo-shamanist art characteristics, will be accused of being an Ivory Tower artist; more specifically, in the present case, that the memorial project is to cherish a massive human toll, choosing a mystical and mysterious expression can be hardly justified.

 In my opinion, although there is no place for the ideal of freedom in contemporary mysterious thought-philosophical schools, merely considering that the feeding of destructive currents of Fascism are considered as members of a family with mystical thought schools, does not justify to proscribing a ritual artwork. The intents are the issue of discussion; for example, an artwork can be rich in aspects of violence and still emphasize on idea of violence negation.

 The prerequisite for avoiding a readily available idea and a routine memorial statue is to consider the appropriateness between the form and the content. I believe that a consolatory artwork cannot be a suitable form for a great tragedy such as Holocaust! Thus, in idea processing of the Holocaust memorial artwork, the inquiry aspect and purposeful deployment of the audience’s mind has a priority as my own personal promise. Although the symbolic form and the presence of mythological, historical and philosophical references due to  the unique position of the artwork, the city of  Florence has been intensified, however, the main purpose of choosing a ritualistic format has been to create a shocking and biting work befitting the magnitude of Holocaust tragedy. Perhaps this is a step in the awakening path of the conscience and community education, for today and tomorrow.

©Siavash Talaei        June 2013