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Secret Geometry

By calculating the geographic longitude and latitude1 of concentration camp of Mauthausen-Gusen 2 in Austria “Point 1”, and calculating the location of  David statue3by Michelangelo in the “Piazza della Signoria”,4 Florence,Italy “Point 2”, I succeeded in creating a symbolic relationship between these two points (two symbolic locations) calculated and a third point in Florence railway station (the location of memorial statue). The characteristics of this point are: to form an Equilateral triangle on the ground which is centered on this point, if we put a Bisector of this triangle to the concentration camp “point 1” it’s another corner would be to The David Statue “point 2”,the contrast between these symbolic point’s illuminates my mind to a deep conflict in modernity. David statue in western culture and modern history is regarded as a symbol of the civil citizen who is a small man who metaphorically challenges the ignorance, superstition and prejudice of giants. The concentration camp is at the opposite end as a symbol of the use of modern philosophy and technology as an instrument of prejudice.


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  1. Geographic coordinate system is a coordinate system that enables every location on the Earth to be specified by a set of numbers or letters. The coordinates are often chosen such that one of the numbers represents vertical position, and two or three of the numbers represent horizontal position. A common choice of coordinates is latitude, longitude and elevation. 

  2. Mauthausen was known as the “Mother Camp” of all Austria.It was a camp that centered it’s focus on it’s rock quarry nearby.It survived as a camp for seven years. Mauthausen and it’s sub camps killed 119,000 prisoners of the 200,000 that entered through it’s gates.  

  3. David statue is a 5.17-metre marble statue of a standing male nude, the statue  represents the Biblical hero David. Statue is a masterpiece of Renaissance sclupture created between 1501 and 1504, by the Italian artist Michelangelo. Michelangelo’s David  statue  in western culture and modern history is regarded as a symbol of the civil citizen. 

  4. Piazza della Signoria is an L-shaped square in front of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy. It is the focal point of the origin and of the history of the Florentine Republic and still maintains its reputation as the political hub of the city.Piazza della Signoria was also the place where Michelangelo’s David was originally located before he got transferred to the Accademia.  There is still a copy that stands outside Palazzo Vecchio, but it doesn’t rival the real thing.