Platform 16 Holocaust Memorial Project

  • Project: Presenting an idea and realization of memorial statue honoring the memory of deported Italian citizens who were sent to concentration camps in the Holocaust.
  • Emplacement: Area of platform No.16, Florence central train station (Santa Maria Novella1 ) (platform 16 was used to send victims to concentration camps  2of Mauthausen-Gusen3 in Austria).


          The objective of this competition was to present an idea and realize a memorial statue to to act as reminder of the sore on the body of Italian civil society during the ascendancy of Nazi – fascism ideology, which focused on the issue of deportation of Italian jewish citizen’s.4

          The following project is the work of a young Iranian artist “Siavash Talaei” Although this project could was not final winner of competition, it was considered to be an idea of great imagination and importance.

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          Glass Sculpture-second Version
shoah memorial - holocaust memorial Italy - deportati fiorentini
Iranian artist Siavash TalaeiGlass and Metal Sculpture- first Version
holocaust memorial Italy - deportati fiorentini
Iranian artist Siavash Talaei
Holocaust memorial-google earth view-Iranian artist-Siavash Talaei


          shoah memorial - Glass Sculpture-second Version panorama1panorama2

          Holocaust Memorial Project

          Holocaust Remembrance Project

          Holocaust Memorial Project

          Holocaust Memorial Project

          1. Florence Santa Maria Novella is the main national and international railway station in Florence, Italy. The station is used by 59 million people every year and is one of the busiest in Italy. 

          2. The camps  :Although the term “Concentration Camps” is often used to describe all Nazi camps, there were actually a number of different kinds of camps, including transit camps, forced-labor camps, and death camps. In some of these camps there was at least a small chance to survive; while in others, there was no chance at all. 

          3. Mauthausen was known as the “Mother Camp” of all Austria.It was a camp that centered it’s focus on it’s rock quarry nearby.It survived as a camp for seven years. Mauthausen and it’s sub camps killed 119,000 prisoners of the 200,000 that entered through it’s gates. 

          4. Two part video by Dr. Iael Nidam-Orvieto discussing myths versus the reality of Fascist Italy and Jewish relations

Holocaust Memorial Project

Siavash Talaei