Acrylic on Canvas – 180 x 210 cm – Polyptych.  Painting details in below




By wrenching the image of the Kabba out of its context and turning it into a painting and using it as the background of a Horseman figure suspended in space make his most puzzling and controversial artwork real.

The significance and meaning of this work is puzzling. While The veil of the Kaaba points out the negative presence of the unexpressed statement .Such ambiguous title can be interpreted as,  he was more influenced by artworks and less by the nature.

It may not be easy to recognise if  his work is trying to express ironic skepticism or make the absolute claims of a mystic who sought to become one with the Absolute.

The Kaaba and those artworks which might be addressed by Crossing The Black Square will stand for a whole range of abstract and concrete ideas and concepts but It seems hopeless to try to undestand how these are present in this painting.

Siavash desires that the viewer brings his work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications thus he let viewer complete the work for him.


Italian version of  “Critical Analysis of  Crossing The Black Square”  is availabe in the address below:

Crossing The Black Square-Italian version