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holocaust memorial Project – Link to Platform 16 Project

 Short Description

The Platform 16 project explores the development of the ideas of young Iranian artist “Siavash Talaei”. Enabling the creation of a symbolic piece of artwork in honour of deported Italian citizens from Florence during World War II.

click-here-Link-to-Platform-16-holocaust-memorial-Project Long Description

The project consists of main idea of a symbolic and ritual statue meeting contemporary artistic strategies, which is stylistically neo-shamanistic and mystical. The artworks idea is based on the location and geographical coordinates, meaning that the semiotics of artwork would be only visible from the high-profile and by Google Earth.
The artist, by calculating the various geographical coordinates attempts to create a symbolic link between the three geographic locations.

1.  Origin of victims of (the area of platform 16 of  Florence central train station).

2. Destination of victims (Mauthausen Concentration Camp (Austria)).

3. The original location of the statue of David of Michelangelo in Signoria square of Florence.

In this way, two aspects of modern culture and history, meaning the statue of David as a symbol of civil citizen and the concentration camp as a symbol of the destructive power lied in modernity are encountered with each other.

The statue, with its shocking and biting form and aesthetics attempts to challenge the issue of lack of ethical vision in contemporary life, regarding individual and social aspects and to intensify the sense of responsibility to the freedom ideal. Perhaps it would a step in the direction of the awakening of consciences and community education for today and tomorrow.

A complete set of documentation, including comments on pictures and video are available in the project’s official website.

website is now available in 3 languages ITALIAN,  ENGLISHFARSI


Progetto Binario 16 Memoriale della Shoah | EduEDA – The EDUcational Encyclopedia of Digital Arts | Italian


Upcoming Group Exhibition:

| The Grand Cypher: Hip Hop, Iran & Syria | Rush Art Gallery | 24 April – 24 May 2014