Acrylic on Canvas – 210 x 220 cm – Polyptych.  Painting details in below




Comes first in order from a group of three different paintings sharing the same title.

His artistic approach seems like an archaeological excavation, to be reveal the lost remains of some unknown and incomprehensible, long-forgotten,  sequence of events.

His strategy appear to disregard provocatively every expectation of the viewer by adopting  the figure extracting it from its context and reproducing it with the same emotional indifference; that characterizes his unromantic style.

As he said ; one of the victims from Sardasht chemical bombardment is pictured, in this painting . By the direct and calmly dispassionate way in which the victim regards his invisible viewer ,which his gaze may be  amounts to a refusal to be somehow “significant”. It seems that he addresses the war by avoiding it, and he avoids it by addressing it.